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In the countryside

Beslon, Le Chefresne, Montbray

Enjoy the serene countryside...

In Beslon: The playground of the mini-golf course located 10 minutes from Villedieu, the village of Beslon welcomes you with charming bourgeois houses, in the village centre. For a picnic, head for the stadium! You will find some picnic tables, a playground for children, a large mini-golf course and a vast natural area. Practical information: for mini-golf, contact the village shop or the house of Mr and Mrs Lepretre/Leveel (price: 1 € per club).


Address: Le Bourg - 50800 Beslon

Car park on site: Yes

Equipments: Mini-golf, picnic tables, playground


In Le Chefresne: In the heart of the village, find a landscaped area, where picnic tables are set up, near the pond and the petanque field. A real moment of relaxation guaranteed in this charming flowery village! The village is also home to an ancient Protestant temple site, so head towards Montabot, and after 2 km you're there.


Address: Le Bourg - 50800 Percy-en-Normandie (Le Chefresne)

Car park on site: Yes

Equipments: Picnic tables, pond


In Montbray: The pond is located at the entrance of the village, coming from Villedieu-les-Poêles. On the spot, tables, a natural area, games... and especially the view on the pond and its water jet. In short, all the ingredients are there for you to have a perfect time in the countryside!


Address: Le Bourg - 50800 Montbray

Car park on site: Yes

Equipments: Picnic tables, pond, playground


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