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Phone : 02 33 61 00 16

Date : From 02/04/2024 to 02/04/2024

Hour : 20:30

Circus, juggling - Compagnie Scratch.

Drache nationale: popular name given to the heavy rain that sometimes falls in Belgium on the national holiday.

It's like waking up every day under the national flag? So how do you stay positive when everything goes wrong? Tom Boccara, Gaëlle Coppée and Denis Michiels come together to answer this essential question with balls, clubs, K-way jackets, rain, a deposed queen, a party, the death of a best friend, failed dreams, a list of the world?s worst shits and, above all, juggling.

With a penchant for tinkering and imagination, the trio have fun building universes in two spoonfuls, for an irresistible rendezvous of humanity. An ode to the little light

in the darkness, a smile under a national flag, beauty in the midst of all that is rotten.

Placing the manipulation of objects at the heart of its research, the Scratch company defends "a juggling that speaks", allowing the expression of emotions, desires, failures, doubts? life!

In 2021, Gaëlle Coppée was awarded the SACD prize for the best juggling author in France.

At Villedieu cinema (Rue des Costils).

Open to all, ages 8 and up.


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